What Are Fire Doors, and Why Should You Install One?

Have you ever wondered why some of your building’s doors are so heavy? The ones that combine the force of Hulk and Superman? You’ve probably encountered an important aspect of your building’s fire protection, the fire door. A well-designed fire door will slow the spread of smoke and fire while allowing people and things to pass freely. A fire door is designed as a barrier against fire and smoke. It performs its function to varied degrees based on its position in the structure and the proximity to fire threats. This post explains what fire doors are used for, what they’re made of, and their benefits. 

What Are Fire Doors, and What Do They Be Used For?

Fire doors are specially built doors that can survive flames for as long as feasible. They allow buildings to compartmentalise and slow the spread of fire and are an important component of a passive fire protection strategy. Certified fire doors are granted a fire-resistance rating, which specifies how long the steel doors and their features can survive smoke and fire. They have intumescent strips (or seals) that extend to cover the space between the door and the frame.

In addition, fire doors include many critical safety measures that might mean the difference between life and death. The following are two of the essential roles of fire doors:

  • When closed, they create a barrier to prevent the spread of fire.
  • When opened, they give a way to escape.

What Materials Are Fire Doors Composed Of?

Fire doors may be manufactured from various materials, including aluminium gypsum, timber, and steel, like light steel fabrication. They may also feature borosilicate or ceramic glass panes and an anti-shattering wire mesh. Fire doors are aligned with the frame, containing a silicone-based fire-resistant sealant, and supported by an intumescent strip affixed at the base of the door to improve its fire-stopping powers.

Moreover, fire doors are often equipped with a closing mechanism, which uses spring-loaded or hydraulic devices to seal the door, preventing smoke and fire from moving from one room to another. A fire door is certified once it has completed some tests at an authorised facility, including a fire and pressure simulation.

The Benefits of Installing Fire Doors

You could install fire doors in your house for various reasons. Fire doors have several advantages, including slowing flames, stopping smoke from spreading, insulating rooms, and providing soundproofing. The significance of fire doors and the advantages they may provide are listed below.

1.   Provides Peace of Mind

The most important advantage of fire-rated doors is the peace of mind they provide. Fire doors serve a crucial purpose: if a fire breaks out in your house, they will assist in restricting the spread of smoke and flames across rooms, minimising damage to your property and allowing you and your loved ones to get away to safety. Installing fire doors in areas such as the kitchen and hallways may give you peace of mind that if a fire breaks out, your family can escape quickly and securely.

2.   Fire Doors Are Soundproof

Because the doors are large and heavy, they are more soundproof than standard interior doors (however, if you prefer additional sound dampening, it may be advisable to search for specific soundproof solutions). This means they can protect inhabitants while also providing more privacy, and spaces such as utility rooms which will benefit from the insulating capabilities. It will also assist in muffling sounds from noisy equipment.

3.   Contains Smoke

One of the finest benefits of fire doors is their ability to keep smoke from spreading. Smoke is one of the most deadly components of home fires, and fire doors prevent it from spreading from room to room. Fire doors should also be flush with the frame to guarantee a proper seal. Furthermore, every fire door has an intumescent strip that swells when it senses heat, preventing smoke from pouring through.

These doors have also insulation and may block draughts, holding heat and saving you money on energy bills. If put in a kitchen, they will assist in preventing fire alarms from going off if you unintentionally burn your food.

4.   Provides Security Without Sacrificing Style

It is critical to ensure that your property looks nice while being secure. Ugly doors can severely destroy home design, so if the style is important to you, you’re in luck. Provider’s elegantly designed fire doors may transform your property from drab to fantastic. Say goodbye to basic wooden doors and welcome the elegant, contemporary styles that have taken their place.

Look also for the various ratings based on your property and requirements. FD30 doors can survive the effects of a fire for 30 minutes, whereas FD60 doors can withstand the effects of a fire for 60 minutes.

5.   Increases Home Value

Adding fire doors might raise the value of your home. They may assist in lowering insurance costs by demonstrating that you’ve made an effort to secure your property.

However, it is crucial to remember that fire doors must be maintained closed at all times, since doors forced open in the case of a fire may invalidate the insurance claim. So remember to keep those doors closed!

In Summary

Now that you’ve been convinced of the significance and advantages of having fire doors placed in your house, it’s time to have a look at the assortment of internal fire doors that are available in Australia so that you can choose the ideal, aesthetically pleasing component to add to your existing interior design.

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