How to Negotiate a Short-Term lease on Corporate Apartments

Corporate apartments have since become a common buzzword in the travel industry. Many professionals and business people need a place to put up temporarily, and apartments are a perfect option. Although you can opt for hotel facilities, corporate apartments come with numerous gains. If your job requires a temporary stay, a short-term lease would be a practical option. However, you require excellent negotiation skills since most property owners prefer long-term leases. Are you seeking tips to negotiate the best short-term lease terms on a corporate apartment? Here are ideas to guide you.

  1. Research adequately

First of all, research about the property and the lease rate in the area. This helps a lot in the long run and aids in making an informed decision. Check up the average lease rates online or get the information from local landlords. By so doing, you’ll have an idea of the prices in the neighborhood, making it easy to negotiate the lease terms.

  1. Get an apartment with high vacancy rates.

 There are many furnished rentals near me and you can get the best deals on short-term leases. Seek an apartment with a high vacancy rate, if there are many vacant units in the complex, you may have an easy time getting a short-term lease.

  1. 3. Check for extra charges.

 Corporate apartments come with modern features and amenities and will offer the much-desired comfort during your stay. All these come at a cost, though! Check for additional charges for services that you might not need or use. For instance, if you have a membership at a fitness center, you don’t want to pay to access the gym at the apartment. This will save some money that you can use other essentials. Therefore, get full details on all the charges before signing the lease agreement.

  1. Proper documentation is key!

Ensure the landlord documents all the details of the agreement and is signed by both parties. This will come in handy in case of any disputes that may arise late on. However, if you take excellent care of the property and pay on time, the property owner will be willing to extend your lease if you need it for longer.

  1. Have a good credit rating

Most landlords prefer tenants with a good credit rating. This helps in negotiations and will improve your chances of success. Therefore, have a recommendation letter from your previous landlord and present it when negotiating for a short-term lease.

Show your need to move in immediately.

 Show the property owner that you need to move in immediately. Pay a few months upfront; the landlord will unlikely decline such an attractive offer. But, have a viable backup plan of other apartments in the neighborhood if the landlord declines your offer.

Final thoughts

 Corporate apartments are ideal choices for professionals on a temporary stay. Nowadays, it’s easy to get short-term leases, and your negotiation skills determine what you get. List down all the desired amenities and engage a real estate agent. The professional will help you locate the best corporate apartment for your needs.

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