Ways Of Growing Organic Traffic Through SEO

Search Engine Optimization is such a tricky thing for business but as a start-up, you have got some real challenge in your hands. Google doesn’t care if you are a start-up or a financial institution. They are also interested in providing relevant content to the audience for every search query. The SEOs for start-ups are the same as for even bigger businesses.

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How does SEO for start-ups differ from the regular SEOs?

The main thing is that start-ups don’t have much resources and money for acting fast. The aim is for growing as quickly as possible and compete with all the bigger names in the industry.

Doing SEO business becomes a little tricky because you have to be on point to become visible with Google. The sooner you understand all the tricks and techniques, the easier it will be for you to understand the SEO strategy and working within a budget.

Some best SEO practices

Unless you are having a bigger budget for SEO, you can move with only a few SEO things and not try to do all. There are some budget SEO practices worth trying out:

  • Defining of the goals

You have to set reasonable and realistic goals and most SEOs don’t get the right guidance towards taking this critical step. First, clear your head about what you are wanting and then start generating the traffic. Make sure that your SEO goals align with the business goals that you have in your mind.

  • Allocating the right budget for your SEO

Many startups forget to allocate the budget towards the SEO department. The monthly start-up budget will be between $500 to $5,000 per month and with limited resources only, you will be able to attract higher opportunities.

  • Think of the strategy first

Startups are so busy discussing and thinking about their products that they forget to make an SEO strategy for the business. Make a proper strategy at the beginning of the project itself. Not having an SEO strategy will only hurt you in the long run. Just know what you want and where you want to be.

  • Conducting of the keyword research

Do proper keyword research to find out which ones rank higher in Google. Make simple optimizations on the site paying you for months and years that you have been wanting.

  • Targeting of all the commercial keywords

You can drive the right traffic only when you are concentrating on the commercial keywords and if you are dealing with a certain product or service, then there will be a product niche that you have to deal with. Identify that niche and then develop the content for the same.


Before committing to any SEO strategy, try understanding your opinions, and explore all marketing channels for the long-term strategy you are looking for.

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