The Best Website Builders for Your E-Commerce Business!

Technology has changed the ecosystem of the world. Living in the 21st century has been a blessing in disguise. We’ve been witness to some of the most tragic and heartbreaking events this year; from raging fires in Australia to the COVID-19 outbreak, things have happened that changed the course of life forever.

But one thing is for certain; technological advancement has made things easier for us in such critical times. People lost jobs, businesses shut down, offices went remote, and schools went online. A lot of changes and adjustments were made to survive in a depleting economy.

With a global digital revolution taking place, the internet has made our lives super manageable. Whether it’s looking for jobs, taking classes, or setting up a business, we can access almost everything through this wonderful tool. One of the most innovative examples of technological advancements in the development of e-commerce websites.

The Power of Ecommerce Businesses in Today’s Time!

Establishing a business online has never been this easy. One of the biggest examples of e-commerce businesses in the textbook is Amazon. E-commerce cannot be defined without mentioning Amazon at least once. That’s the power and impact it has in the e-commerce industry.

Ecommerce is defined by many as electronic commerce or, in simpler words, online shopping. The entire online process is communicated like this:

The customer browses the eCommerce site, searches for the desired product, adds it to cart, checks it out, pays online, and receives the product on their doorstep. It’s as simple as 1, 2, and 3!

With everyone staying inside under quarantine, now is the best time to start an e-commerce business. Not only are E-commerce businesses in high demand, but they also have a big and bright future ahead of them if they do this right.

While most businesses hire a professional development team to design and build the website from scratch, others depend on online platforms and software to get their business off of the ground.

  • Shopify

One of the most promising platforms that help businesses operate successfully is Shopify. This Canadian based software is popular for helping hundreds and thousands of businesses operate on a global scale.

Anyone who wishes to expand their business and boost sales should create a Shopify online store. Not only will it help generate significant sales and make the numbers look good, but it also allows you to enhance customer experience, boost clientele engagement and track traffic and progress, all at the same time.

You can choose the kind of store and business you want to set up on Shopify, from wholesale concepts to one-to-one dealing; Shopify is an excellent option if flexibility and personalization are in top priority on your list!

  • Wix

If you’re a fan of personalized themes and awesome layouts, Wix is the perfect pick for you. No matter what the business is, Wix offers a range of fantastic features, elements, and themes for you to choose from, that too at amazing prices!

Many entrepreneurs have made Wix their go-to website builder for many reasons. To name a few, Wix is flexible, has exceptionally well-designed templates, lets you animate elements, and add widgets and website apps. The brilliant platform also offers you a smart assistant to work with.

If you want to create a professional customized website for your restaurant, startup, or whatever business you have in mind, you will definitely have a decent experience with Wix.

  • Squarespace

With Squarespace, you no longer have to worry about having a computer science or IT degree. The platform offers you the flexibility of adding your own code if you’re looking for further customization. If not, you don’t need any coding experience!

The platform offers sleek and stylish designs with a straightforward and simple interface and navigation. From over 60 responsive and optimized templates to their built-in editor

Squarespace can be your go-to website builder when you’re on a tight deadline, and your main concern is the website’s traffic.

It has an analytics feature that offers you vital updates about traffic sources, traffic overview, trending content, conversion data, revenue data, cart abandonment data, and more.

How Do These Website Builders Help Ecommerce Businesses?

Building a website isn’t for everyone. While some have the degree and skills to do it, they don’t have time. While others have all the time and money in their pocket, they don’t have the skills or degree to build a website. This is where website builders come in handy. These website builders work their magic on new, existing, and in-progress websites to boost efficiency, commit personalization, and simplify the navigation of the site.

Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace are committed to enhancing your site no matter how far along it is. They become your little helpers in increasing customer engagement and promising sales.

Online shopping involves zero face to face interactions, so the entire customer experience depends on the shopping experience. Was it a smooth experience? Were there any confusing and technical difficulties on the website?  Was the layout or navigation difficult to understand? The answers to all these questions contribute to your website’s progress.

These website builders make sure to react to customer feedback effectively. They consider every visitor and customer’s behavior, page visits, orders, wish lists, pricing range, and more to personalize their experience. They make sure the customers keep coming back to your website because of a great customer experience with your brand the last time.

To ensure customers feel valued and heard, these website builders offer chatbots to your site, answering every query and issues the visitor on your page has. Not only does it make the site more interactive, but it helps the customer appreciate the quick service and experience as well.

When it comes to products, most website builders offer a 360-degree view of the product upon zooming in. Along with that, customers can view similar products and read detailed product descriptions, product reviews, customer testimonials, ratings, and much more.

The Bottom Line

Building a website requires time, money, effort, tools, and really good internet. Unless you have stable internet connectivity, building a website with a website builder will exhaust you. A reliable internet provider like AT&T will never let you down. The AT&T internet cost varies for different packages. Check them out here, and build your website quickly!

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