Six Factors to Consider When Leasing an Office Space in Del Mar

Your office environment plays an important role in your employees’ productivity, engagement, and satisfaction. That is why you must pick an office space that reflects the culture of your company. But, a lot of companies in Del Mar usually neglect the influence of facility management on a company’s growth and success. A beautifully designed and strategically located office will make your employees more engaged and productive. When choosing an office space, it is important to consider the following factors:

Accessibility and Location

In the majority of developing cities, employees are often concerned about traffic and lack of parking. An office space in Del Mar that is accessible by both public and private transportation ensures that your employees don’t have to worry about getting to and from work every day. Also, clients will find your office with ease. Moreover, when your office is situated in a business district or close to establishments like malls, bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, employee morale will improve.

Rental Rate

The cost of renting an office space affects your business’ net income and determines the level of reserve it can manage. The office lease rate in Del Mar is $4.26 per square foot. You want to consider how much your business can afford while considering other expenses it can incur. Consider negotiating the lease to end up with a great deal. When picking an office space, make sure there are no hidden charges like maintenance fees, association dues, parking fees, and other additional charges.

The Size of your Company

You want to look for a Del Mar office space for lease that matches your company’s size. This way, your employees will not cram into a tiny space without room to breathe. Also, you don’t want to overspend on a big space you do not need.

Generally, the space must be around 21 sq meters. Thus, if you have 10 employees, find an office space that is around 210 square meters. But, businesses vary per kind and each may have different requirements. By knowing your size requirements, you don’t have to move from one office space to another, which is an extra expense you don’t want.

Infrastructure and Technology

These days, most businesses in Del Mar depend on internet connectivity for their operations. That is why this technology must be a consideration when choosing an office. Ensure your new location will have a reliable, fast, and stable internet connection to maintain or increase productivity. Also, see if the office space can accommodate changes in the infrastructure based on the needs of your business.

Design and Layout

Your office’s layout and design can significantly affect employee productivity, satisfaction, and engagement. The major factor to be taken into account in terms of office design are the layout, lighting, ventilation, air quality, proximity to nature, and more.

Contingency Plan

Some occurrences may force you to terminate your lease, so you must have an exit strategy in place when your space fails to meet your business requirements in the future. Unexpected scenarios such as natural calamities, structural inadequacies, and changes in business demographics can change your business situations. An office lease that has shorter terms should have a contingency plan in place so you can leave or move when necessary.

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