How to create the most engaging and persuasive marketing messages

Marketing messages are a critical part of your business because they are what is used to persuade customers that your product or service is worth trying out. Writing a persuasive marketing message that reaches your core demographic may seem easy at times, especially when you are just starting. The challenge is producing marketing messages regularly that keep customers engaged and draw in new ones around the clock.

Here are tips for creating persuasive and entertaining marketing messages for your target audience.

Do a lot of research on your target audience

Great marketing campaigns happen when a business knows as much as possible about its target audience. Research may include looking at preexisting data, or a company may conduct research and surveys. Focus groups and surveys are easy to conduct online at a fairly low cost.

Large companies may go as far as to use data analysts to look for trends in larger data sets before they even build a prototype or launch some services. Data analysis via data mining is also used by well-established companies looking for ways to improve their profit margin.

Be realistic about the challenges within your industry

All customer demographics and industries have their challenges. For example, if your target customer’s financial status has taken a hit due to the economy, then now may not be the best time to introduce a luxury line of products. Still, it is a good time to market your product or services as exceptional value for what it offers your customer.

Introducing products or services that help customers solve a current problem or challenge they are facing is worth pursuing in most cases.

Know your competitors and their strategies

You can learn a lot about writing persuasive marketing messages by studying what your competition is doing. Signing up for marketing messages from competing companies is a great way to stay in touch with what they are doing.

If a similar product to your own is widely successful, then you need to pay special attention to what your competitor is doing that is attracting so many customers.

On the other side is learning what not to do. If a once successful competitor is losing market share, then analyzing what they are doing and not making the same mistakes can save you a lot of time and money.

Never underestimate the power of an emotional connection

Many people make many decisions based on emotions, even if those decisions are not the best for them. A smart marketing team knows that any marketing messages or materials they use must be designed to increase the likelihood of a person feeling a fast emotional connection to the brand. This starting bond can lead to a lifelong customer that helps promote your company to others.

Consider the ads and commercials that give you strong feelings and ask why that is.

Marketing messages that a customer can relate to should be the main goal. Ideally, the message will create an emotional bond while showing the potential customer how your product or service can solve their problem.

Know when to use humor

It can be hard to remember the power of humor because there is the fear that someone or a specific group may be offended. Many companies have backed off from using humor due to this risk but at the same time, when you can add humor that is appealing to your audience and has a low risk of offending anyone, it can help your brand be more memorable and stand out from the competition. Making sure that any humorous messages are reviewed well by members of your marketing team is highly advised to avoid any misunderstandings, especially if you are marketing to an international audience.

Highlight how your customer’s life is improved by your product

Whatever your company is selling must solve a problem or improve the life of the customer. Effective marketing messages need to show examples of this. One reason why honest, genuine customer reviews and interviews are so effective at convincing more people to buy a product is that they show real-life problems solved and how happy it made a real person.

The more you show your products improving lives and being good value, the better.

Stand out from the competition

Emphasizing your product or company’s uniqueness is a good way to help carve out your niche. For example, you might point out that your company uses environmentally friendly components to produce your products or that you donate to specific charity groups.

Anything unique about your company or product that can be portrayed in a positive way should always be considered for marketing messages. This helps people form an emotional bond because they feel like they are making a positive difference in the world around them by purchasing your product.

Use different marketing materials for social media than print, video, or emails

There is a decent chance that your target customer will see marketing content from your company when they are using various platforms. To avoid burnout or a customer getting annoyed and having a negative impression of your product, you need to have a variety of persuasive marketing messages so that when someone sees a message on social media, it is not the same as the one in their email.

Keeping customers interested takes some work due to the effort and design that goes into having so many marketing materials scheduled to go out on a regular basis. However, it is necessary to compete in today’s globalized marketplace.

Keep messages believable

While being enthusiastic and believing in your product 100% is admirable, it is important to keep marketing messages believable. Even if they are true, making too many claims in a message can come across as needy and dishonest to someone who has never used your product before.

Another thing to bear in mind is to keep claims about improvements believable as well. Over time companies often improve products based on customer feedback or when they see a need for additional features to keep up with current market trends.

Never forget how much power is in just a few words

Since marketing messages need to be concise yet powerful, it is very important to consider wording. A few descriptive words can totally change the emotional tone of your marketing message.

This is why excellent communication skills are essential when forming a market plan or strategy. Good communication skills mean you can read people and know how words are going to affect them. Communications experts know how to use the power of words across practically any demographic.

If your company is small, you may want to consider hiring a marketing firm to help you with some of your messaging and dialogue. This is especially important for companies that are just starting but must conduct major debut marketing campaigns to break into their niche market.

Stay informal

Marketing messages need to seem casual and informal while getting your message across. Stiff and formal writing that is too serious sounding is going to make a potential customer stop reading rather quickly. Concise and informal messages that create an emotional connection while showing a problem being solved make the best persuasive marketing materials.

Have a marketing schedule and stick to it

Marketing messages need to be consistent. While you do not want to bombard people with too much advertising, you should put out regular messages. Some companies have newsletters that they send out weekly, as well as social media posts that occur on a regular schedule. There are software programs that allow marketing teams to schedule posts months in advance so that there is always something fresh on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

No matter what schedule you decide, stick to it and consider adding more content if it seems like a good choice based on customer feedback. For example, if part of your marketing plan involves weekly blog posts, but there is high interest, you might consider having two new blog posts per week.

Show how your product or service can make a person better at something

While highlighting your company is good at times, marketing messages that show your customer as an improved person due to the use of your product or service are extremely powerful. For example, if you make athletic shoes and have proof that the average runner improves their speed by 10% using your shoes, then use it for marketing! Making the customer the real hero in a campaign can appeal to a wide customer base.

Just look at what medication companies do to sell their products. In practically every add for medication, regardless of whether it is over the counter or prescription only, the customer is the hero who has taken charge of their health and made their life better.

Consider improving your business skills

If you want to take on more of the marketing at a company, then you should consider earning a master in communication online. An advanced communications degree offers the opportunity to learn how to create highly effective marketing tools and campaigns. As a communications expert, you will be a key part of helping one or more companies do what they must to be competitive in today’s business world.

Communications experts are in demand across a wide range of industries and businesses, so if you have an interest in specific industries, you may be able to specialize after you gain some experience.

Be open to changing marketing plans

It is important to give a marketing plan enough time to see if it is effective, but at the same time, one must not fall into a rut and be reluctant to change tactics if something is not working.

Changing marketing plans can make a huge difference in your market share, even if, at first, it seems like you are just spending more money.

Evaluating your marketing strategy occasionally is wise, especially if you are not sure exactly how well it is working. If you are gaining a lot of customers and revenues are rising rapidly, then you are doing something right. Smaller gains may be harder to see, but something must be said for steady and sustained growth. There are times when rapid increases lead to rapid decreases. Demand for a product can be very high and then plummet due to unforeseen market factors. Just look at what happened during the COVID-19 pandemic. Manufacturers of household items like toilet paper and bleach could not keep up with demand but now conditions are back to normal, and sales figures reflect that.

Offer incentives

Incentives to purchase are highly effective. For example, offering coupons to those who sign up for your company newsletter is popular. Loyalty programs help retain customers. Creating a points-based system that customers can use for discounts or free products helps companies build cult-like followings. A good example of a loyalty program is the one offered by Sozy, a US manufacturer of women’s clothing. Signing up for Sozy rewards gives you points for each purchase. These points can be used to get $10-$100 off purchases. Having a low end to start turning points into rewards is smart because it results in someone getting a discount on all future purchases.

Market special sales

Your company needs to offer discounts on specific items or plan regular sales campaigns. Even a 10% off sale can bring in a lot of extra business and help you gain customers. Consider the occasional surprise sale as well. Remember to let sales go for long enough to give customers a chance to make a purchase. While flash sales have their place, in many cases, customers think about purchases and like to shop around a website a bit before finalizing an order, especially if you offer a wide selection of products they use. For example, if you have a makeup brand, chances are that a customer will want to spend some time looking at many product offerings and order multiple items rather than just one.

Keep your website up to date

A great website is essential for marketing your business. Hiring a professional web designer to take care of this is highly advised. Cybersecurity is such a big concern that setting up your own website is just not a good idea unless you are highly skilled and trained to do so.

Websites must be easy to navigate and function well on mobile devices. Too many flashy features can do more harm than good. Be clear with your web designer about what your average customer is like and your vision for your website.

Affordable shipping is a must

Many companies find it easier just to say shipping is free and then account for the cost in the price they put on their products. This is effective because it doesn’t show a dollar figure for the shipping. Adding additional costs in so obvious a way can make a person seek out another company that offers “free shipping”. Of course, when someone wants to make a smaller order, it is not feasible for a company to include free shipping in the price. This is why you see so many companies offering free shipping over $50 or some other minimum price. This also provides an incentive for customers to order more. If shipping for an order under $75 is $9 then it is likely someone will add more to their cart, so they are getting something for their money.

Customer support links should be included in all marketing emails

It is important to have good customer support when doing a lot of business online. If customers have to wait too long to get help with an order, they are not as likely to return to your business. A link to a contact form or even a live chat link should be included in each email.


Persuasive marketing strategies and messages are critical to the success of your company. Taking the time to plan out your marketing campaigns and messages carefully, will pay off in the end even if it seems like it is taking a lot of time to get started.

Wording is a powerful tool. A great slogan and company name are important because it creates the foundation for brand recognition. You are not going to be a household name without a memorable logo and slogan to go with it.

Consistent messages across many different platforms keep customers coming back for more. While creating a basic foundational theme for your marketing is the first step, you need to keep your marketing messages relevant to the time and customer needs. This means regular marketing messages through social media, email, video platforms, and possibly print advertising.

Smaller companies that do not wish to employ a full-time marketing team should look for a trustworthy and competent marketing firm to help them create a vast number of materials.

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