What Coverage Do You Have If Your Amazon Account Is Suspended?

More than cart abandonment and product returns, third-party sellers on Amazon tend to fear losing sales the most along with their inability to access their amazon suspended account, be it valid or not.

If you were banned from Amazon, rest assured that it would ruin your finances along with your life regardless of how long your suspension lasts. It would hold, especially if you were using the Amazon marketplace as your main source of income, you do not have an e-commerce site, a regular job, or a land-based shop for something to fall back upon. You might consider your Amazon account suspension like losing a limb because it would be the reason for your inability to pay for your everyday expenses. A good way to come out of this situation would be to file an amazon suspension appeal.

Reasons For Amazon Account Suspension

Numerous reasons have resulted in third-party sellers’ suspension from Amazon. A few have been listed here such as late shipment or response, high cancellation rate, high order defect rate, etc. These reasons could result in your inability to access your amazon suspended account and do business. You might come across numerous painful instances where a seller is banned for not doing their thing, but also for any devious stratagems used by their counterparts.

You might not be aware that you might come across various sellers on Amazon who might go to the extent of paying a significant amount of money for exchanging fake reviews on the product of their biggest competitor. In case, your account has been wrongly suspended and you have a genuine reason to give for non-suspension of your account, consider filing an amazon suspension appeal. It enables you to do something about your amazon suspended account. A few insurance companies offer such insurance saving you from wrongly amazon account suspension. The amazon suspension appeal caters to you with a chance to reclaim the rightful access to your amazon account.

Protection For You And Your Business

Rest assured that anyone could be banned from amazon without notice regardless of their seller rating or performance metrics. You might not look forward to undergoing such an ordeal. However, the chances of you avoiding such an experience would be considerably higher by finding a way to protect you and your business in event of you incurring such a thing.

Reinstating And Receiving A Payout

If you lose access to your amazon suspended account, rest assured that within 72 hours, you could reinstate your amazon account along with receiving a payout. You would receive the amount based on your average gross sales volume along with routine expenses. It would be worth mentioning here that your coverage would only take effect after the stipulated waiting duration mentioned in your policy. During this duration, it would be vital that you manage your routine expenses. In case, Amazon lifts your suspension before that duration, you cannot collect money from your policy.

Rest assured that getting suspended from Amazon is no joke. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to know about amazon suspension appeal or have an option for preserving what they have worked so hard for.

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