The importance of Call to Actions (CTAs) in Email & SMS Marketing

Consumers are saturated with bunch of marketing messages every day: images, videos, texts and solutions to every possible prohblem, all of these lead to confusion, fatigue and frustration that might reduce their focus and deviate them from the main point you are trying to communicate.

Whether you’re working on your own Email & SMS marketing strategy or working with an Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency, there are a few things you should know about the importance of a good Call to Action, its benefits and how to use them.

What is a Call to Action?

A Call to Action (CTA) is a copy that will motivate your audience to take a step closer towards an specific goal that could be purchasing, subscribing or becoming a customer. Skipping the CTA in your site, ads, email campaigns or any related marketing activity you’re working on is one of the most common mistakes and, also the reason of losing potential conversions.

Why are CTAs so essential

CTAs will motivate your funnel serving as transitions between the phases. They instruct the user on what needs to be done and making them to take action. The easier and clearer you make your CTAs the more people will act on it converting and creating better user experience.

Calls to action are as important for brands as they are for customers, who want and expect the, many people depend on the CTA to take the next step, for example if someone reads your whole copy and at the very bottom there’s no CTA button to click on you’d be losing a potential customer. CTA’s can be placed in several parts of your copy/content to increase the Click Rate, you just need to be strategical and AB test to see where and what works the better for your ecommerce store.

Adding a good CTA into your Marketing Efforts will Pay Off

When adding a CTA into your campaign, make sure to pick the right words, be clear and concise about what you want your readers to do. Avoid being deceptive and let your potential clients know what they’re about to do once they click through.

A clear call-to-action should destroy fatigue and confusion by telling them exactly what to do and where to go next making the customer journey super clear: Book a call, Join now, Buy and, Subscribe are just a few examples of clear and straightforward CTAs.

The metric that will help us understand if we’re doing a good job with our Calls to Action is the Click Rate and, of course the leads or purchases depending on your store goals. Remember to put yourself into the customer’s shoes and make it as user friendly as possibles so that every step of the funnel is crystal clear for them.

Add CTA’s not only on your store website but also on your Email & SMS Marketing strategy so that you get to increase your conversion rate.

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