Platforms That Can Help You Manage Your Staff Better

Managing a productive and happy workforce is a challenge for many companies. It can be challenging to balance employees’ desires with increased productivity while still meeting company goals. However, with the right platforms, you can manage your staff better. 

You can gain insight into what’s happening in their work life, get them to communicate with each other effectively, and monitor how they’re performing. These are some of the benefits that come with having a great management system for your employees. Read on to find out which platforms will best serve your business needs.

Platforms to Consider

These platforms are essential in various ways. For instance, Zest’s hr benefits platform helps you put all your employee perks in one place. Below are the top five platforms you should consider for managing your workforce better.

Google Workspace

Google workspace is Google’s expansive productivity suite that combines services like Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar to provide tools for your business. It also offers secure online sharing of documents outside of email with clients and employees.

Google workspace allows your team to share files and create project timelines. You can also use it as a platform for online meetings, video chats, and webinars.

Google offers a basic version of Google Workspace for free. The premium version starts from $6 per month per user.


Slack is a messaging app that acts as an internal social network for businesses. It allows employees to communicate with each other using chat rooms called “channels.” 

These channels are either private or public. It’s an excellent way for employees to stay on top of their work, share files quickly and easily, create tasks or polls.


It’s an online time tracking platform that helps you manage your employees’ work hours. You can use it to keep track of the time they log on to each task, allowing you to see the time they’ve spent working on what.

Hubstaff is a great way for managers to stay in touch with their employees even when both are not in the same location.


Dropbox is an online file storage app. It allows you to store, share, and access your files anywhere you have internet access.

Dropbox allows you to organize all the files shared between employees into different folders. You can create new folders on the fly or at any time by moving files around. 

Once created, these folders will also be available on other devices to make it easy for employees to access them when they need them. Other packages include:

  • Small business plan
  • Large enterprise plan


Zoom is a video conferencing platform that allows your team to meet from any location. It provides HD-quality video and crystal clear audio so you can see the person you’re talking to clearly. It records all your meetings, so allow you to replay them later for training purposes or if anyone missed the meeting.

Zoom offers a  free trial that allows upto 100 participants. Also, there is a basic plan that costs around $14.99 per user per month. 

With these platforms, you can manage your employees and boost their productivity. All it takes is a simple login to access all the features you need at any time from anywhere. It’s a valuable investment you should make for the success of your business. Now that you know which platforms can help you manage your staff better, it’s time to consider investing in them today.

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