Identifying Target Markets

Prior to starting an advertising and marketing campaign it’s important you initially identify your target audience.

Start by figuring out why a person may wish to purchase your product/service.

Comprehensive market intelligence and research gathering is needed to recognize quantitative and qualitative patterns.

Next, segment your general market.

The entire process of identifying a target audience it known as market segmentation. This will be significant because when you identify a distinct segment using target segmentation you’ll be able to target your time and efforts on targeted marketing to draw in a particular consumer group.

Why segmentation is really important?

In marketing it’s not uncommon to possess a target audience that might be made up of many different census of people that could be profiled directly into many different consumer groups. For instance, I’d a customer a couple of years back which was a web-based division of a big regional bank. Their goal ended up being to get new customers towards the bank and also to have existing clients open additional accounts. Basically were built with a saving account, I could have been asked to open a bank account and possibly certificates of deposit (c.d.) too.

While you could most likely think of the target audience for that online bank would be a big group. Their identified market was segmented into 5 consumer profiles. These segments were according to age and earnings. This resulted in there have been five different teams of ads for just about any given campaign. As the overall message might have been exactly the same, the copy and pictures were different based on who’d be finding the material.

Market Intelligence

Researching the market to achieve intelligence in your consumers is essential to precisely determine whom your target is and just what the very best online marketing strategy is always to achieve them. The entire process of gathering researching the market includes employing various strategies to collect, analyzes, and report data about potential consumer groups.


Following the necessary market intelligence continues to be collected after that you can strategize a great way to personalize your advertising and marketing efforts for that preferred result. The campaign planning will include test market groups and test campaigns. This really is key because of not just the lengthy-term success from the marketing, but to become as economical as you possibly can. Within the test programs the marketer will be able to identify what efforts is going to be effective and revise the process to best achieve each consumer group.

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