How to overcome water bugs in a swimming pool

Water bugs feed on microorganisms and algae in the water. It’s the reason why you should know how to clean a green swimming pool to overcome them. Though they are not poisonous, water bugs can bite, the reason why they are not fit to be in a pool. The good thing is that it’s easy to remove water bugs from a swimming pool. Use the following measures to remove water bugs from your swimming pool.

Pool skimming

Use a net to remove water bugs. Most of these creatures stay on water surfaces; thus, you can sweep them off. Use a skimmer to collect all the water bugs you can from the pool as the first process.

Use a scrub brush

After a thorough pool skimming, you need to get rid of all food sources that attract the water bugs. You have to scrub all the surfaces, including ladders and pool liner, to get rid of algae. Though you can’t see them with naked eyes, a thorough cleaning will remove all the pool organisms.

Use a manual vacuum cleaner.

Automatic vacuum cleaners are useful in maintaining general cleanliness. It would help if you had a manual vacuum cleaner to do the process by yourself to ensure you attend every corner of the pool.

Shock the pool

Chlorine removes microorganisms and bacteria from the pool. When chlorine level is low, water bugs will come into your pool as algae will start growing in the water.

Analyze chemical levels

When water bugs come into your pool, check the water levels’ pH, chlorine, and alkalinity. Use suitable pool water test kits to get accurate readings.

When all these processes are over, leave the water particles to settle. Carry out the last vacuum cleaning. Your pool is now safe from water bugs.

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